Blue Server Room Aisle

A Common Misstep

Having the privilege of helping businesses of various sizes, operating in diverse markets within our local community, there is one commonality we often encounter: The network infrastructure is often overlooked and poorly maintained. The emphasis is on basic connectivity and operation. Over the course of time, as more equipment is placed on the network, connectivity becomes convoluted thus hampering business growth and diminishing productivity. When a problem arises it becomes very hard to troubleshoot, difficult to isolate the cause, and implement proper remediation.

The Network RackAre you finding it hard to get your equipment connected so your people can colaborate?

Network Rack Before

This is an extreme example of what a network rack can slowly grow to become when no attention is given to the management of cables.

Network Closet Revamp After

We rewired and cable-managed this network rack. In doing so the network became reliable, it was easy to add equipment, easy to troubleshoot and it paved the way for growth.

Your network starts at the physical level with cabling and extends to the logical level with switches, routers and firewalls. As you might be experiencing right now, it is hard for a company to grow when you can’t get the equipment you need connected and the people who depend on it are having trouble collaborating internally, and externally communicating with your customers.

We can transform your existing network or build you a network from scratch. Let us help you get your company back on track for growth by architecting a network that is tailored to your needs.