The Need

You’re in business to provide products and/or services to your community. In a rapidly growing cashless society, you need to conduct credit card transactions. And because you now handle credit card data, your Merchant Service Provider (MSP) requires you to meet PCI compliance and until you do, you’ll pay higher rates and a monthly fine. More importantly, in the process of creating a customer-friendly environment, it just makes good sense to secure your network and limit your risk and liability.

The Solution

We incorporate an enterprise-level network security appliance, a WiFi access point, and a controller that will secure your network inside/out, providing you with the following benefits:

    • PCI compliance – meet all the requirements by having a network architecture base on security
    • Powerful routing – get the data exactly where it needs to go and quickly
    • Guest access – a secure environment where your customers are protected and so is your business
    • Reliability – uptime, and performance you can count on (and forget about)
    • Network segregation – compartmentalize the devices that access your network based on the function they perform
    • Policy management – secure the data on your network because we create rules and boundaries