Servers in the Data Center

Servers and Services

Is your server giving you trouble?
Are the applications and services running slow?
Is your storage adequate and reliable?

Messy server room

These are development and test servers within a large company. The software engineers built this mess over time.

Server room cable managed

We re-racked the servers, ran new wiring, cable managed, and labeled all of the equipment.

Our server management is much more than skin deep, much more than the simple elegance of better rack placement and cable management. What you see externally is also a representation of what we can do internally for the host operating system, the virtual machines, mass storage devices, and the applications and services that run on them.

There is a high cost in downtime which can go unnoticed. Your company’s image and credibility suffer when your people need to explain to your customers that the information they’ve requested is not currently accessible because of technical difficulties or request patience while everyone waits for the server to respond.

Your customers will begin to surmise that if you can’t seem to keep your business running smoothly then how can you properly care for their needs?

We have helped businesses like yours, whose servers were plagued with issues to achieve stability, increase performance and provide a good customer experience.