Telephony Is your current phone system strangling your business?

Stressed businessman strangling himself

We are all very familiar with traditional telephones and they have evolved over time.
In fact, the phone you are currently using probably is a traditional desk phone or cordless phone.

Black Rotary Telephone
Touch Tone
Touch Tone Telephone
Desk Phone
Cordless Phone

These telephones and the service behind them are very limiting for a modern business in a competitive environment:

    • Rudimentary functionality – You can receive and make calls with some minor features
    • Basic Voicemail – You can retrieve messages with very limited storage
    • Poor Calling Plan – You may be paying for every call or dealing with a limited calling area
    • Poor Scalability – The number of phones you can add is limited and the cost grows quickly

Right now your phone system is limiting your growth potential by limiting your ability to respond to your customer’s needs. You may be feeling the pain right now, but know this, your customer certainly does!