I was born and raised in the beautiful Portland Metro Area by my lovely immigrant parents; which is now where we call home. Computers and everything about them have fascinated me ever since I was a child. I would spend hours on the family computer exploring its inner workings and discovering what software did. I became the IT person for my family’s technological needs. My passion and intrigue only increased as I began speaking with like-minded, tech-inclined classmates as a teenager. After graduating high school and exploring my options, I decided to go into the field of Information Technology to work in what I love and help others in the process.


I am as passionate about helping others as I am about computers. That tremendous satisfaction and sense of purpose are what drive me every day to help others and expand my knowledge. I hope to spread that passion through the work that I do.

Immer M. Benitez

Immer M. Benitez Intern