Overcoming Obstacles Are your vendors or service providers playing the blame game?

Overcoming Obstacles

When you experience trouble with technology it can happen at your office, while your in transit or in your home. Often there are multiple companies that are involved; like the manufacturer of your computer or smart device, your wireless access point, your firewall/router and even your internet service provider. The manufacturer does not support your network infrastructure or internet connectivity, your internet service provider does not support your internal network or smart device and if you have an IT Department at work they do not support your home environment.

When you make the attempt to contact a company, their support agents follow their scripted flow chart which at times can aggravate the problem. If they can not fix the issue they blame the other company. Your time is too valuable to waste hours with technical support agents, who, even with the best intentions, have limited knowledge and a narrow scope of support.

At Creative IT, we are experts with the experience to take the problem off your hands and own it ourselves. We will work tirelessly to resolve the issue regardless of the manufacturer, network, service provider or location as long as we have access. We will partner with any stakeholder, tradesman, or organization to get technology to work right for you. We don’t make excuses. We produce results.