Network Infrastructure

Are you finding it hard to get your equipment connected so your people can communicate?



Network closet with no wire management
Properly Wire Managed Network Closet

This is an extreme example of what a network rack can slowly grow to become when no attention is given to the managing of cables.

We rewired and cable managed this network rack. In doing so the network became reliable, it was easy to add equipment, easy to troubleshoot and it paved the way for growth.

Your network starts at the physical level with cabling and extends to the logical level with switches, routers and firewalls. As you might be experiencing right now, it is hard for a company to grow when you can’t get the equipment you need connected and the people who depend on it are having trouble collaborating internally and externally communicating with your customers.

We can transform your existing network or build you a network from scratch. Let us help you get your company back on track for growth by architecting a network that is tailored for you.

Network Security

Who is getting past your firewall?

A physical wall illustrating a network firewall

Simply having a firewall is not in itself enough to stop hackers from getting through!

Although a proper firewall provides a good perimeter, there is more that needs to be done to properly secure your network, servers, computers and mobile devices.

Let us help you prevent the embarrassment of a network breach which could ruin your reputation, cost you money in law suites, and even take you out of business.

We can help you gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your data is secure.

Servers, Services and Storage

Is your server giving you trouble?
Are the applications and services running slow?
Is your storage adequate and reliable?



Equipment not racked and cable managed properly
Equipment racked and cable managed properly

These are development and test servers within a large company. The software engineers built this mess over time.

We re-racked the servers, ran new wiring, cable managed and labeled all of the equipment.

Our server management is much more than skin deep, much more than the simple elegance of better rack placement and cable management. What you see externally is also a representation of what we can do internally for the host operating system, the virtual machines, mass storage devices and the applications and services that run on them.

There is a high cost in down time which can go unnoticed. Your company’s image and credibility suffers when your people need to explain to your customers that the information they’ve request is not currently accessible because of technical difficulties or requesting patience while everyone waits for the server to respond.

Your customers will begin to surmise that if you can’t seem to keep your business running smoothly then how can you properly care for their needs?

We have helped businesses like your’s, who’s servers were plagued with issues to achieve stability, increase performance and provide a good customer experience.


Do your employees dread their work area?
When a client comes to visit are you hesitant or afraid to show them around?



Messy workstation area
A neat and organized workstation area

All of the power bricks, peripheral cables and network cords are strung across the floor in an unsightly mess below the workstations.

We lifted and organized the equipment off of the floor, cleaned up the workstation area and made use of task lighting to make the area look appealing to the employees.

A properly organized workstation is not only welcoming, but conducive to productivity and great for morale.

Let us help you attract better talent and retain the people that contribute to the growth of your business.

Technical Support / Service Desk

When technical issues arise do you and your staff have access to knowledgable support?
Is your current Managed Service Provider responsive?
Are they proactive and suggest improvements?

Technical Support

With over 20 years of technical support experience in some of the top companies in the world we have the knowledge to assist you with your technology needs. We will listen attentively, examine your environment and present you with the best solutions. We will help you leverage your technology and enable you to reach your goals.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

If your server or computer failed or was stolen would you have lost all of your data?
If you purchased a replacement machine how long would it take you to get up and running?
If your business suffered a fire, flood or some natural disaster would you be able to recover?

Backup and Disaster Recover

"If you fail to plan then you plan to fail"

Benjamin Franklin

Complete data loss is not something you ever need to experience.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make, other than never backing up their data, is to rely on a single backup. We can guide you through a backup strategy that is tailored to your needs and your budget.

Overcoming Obstacles

Are your vendors or service providers playing the blame game?

Businessman leaping across bridge

When you experience trouble with technology it can happen at your office, while your in transit or in your home. Often there are multiple companies that are involved; like the manufacturer of your computer or smart device, your wireless access point, your firewall/router and even your internet service provider. The manufacturer does not support your network infrastructure or internet connectivity, your internet service provider does not support your internal network or smart device and if you have an IT Department at work they do not support your home environment.

When you make the attempt to contact a company, their support agents follow their scripted flow chart which at times can aggravate the problem. If they can not fix the issue they blame the other company. Your time is too valuable to waste hours with technical support agents, who, even with the best intentions, have limited knowledge and a narrow scope of support.

At Creative IT, we are experts with the experience to take the problem off your hands and own it ourselves. We will work tirelessly to resolve the issue regardless of the manufacturer, network, service provider or location as long as we have access. We will partner with any stakeholder, tradesman, or organization to get technology to work right for you. We don’t make excuses. We produce results.

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