Voice over IP


So what is the ideal telephony solution?
What solution will help me meet my customer’s needs and show that I care?
What solution will provide me with modern features and an edge over my completion?


Do you believe you already have a VoIP solution?

There are many companies that claim to have VoIP phone service and the most prominent among these are your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Vonage. They will typically provide you with an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) built right into their router/modem which will convert a VoIP signal to an analog tone so that you can use existing analog devices such as your traditional telephone or fax machine. Except for the inclusion of a national calling plan, this service is not much different than a traditional phone system.

We Provide A True VoIP Solution

We’ve partnered with Nextiva to offer you a VoIP solution that is feature-rich, and easily scalable and our special promotions and exclusive pricing will save you money. Even with a single phone line and no contract, you can still save money when compared to what you are paying now for your limited service, yet with the advantage of all our additional features. The more phones you need the more money you will save. Now imagine what your business can do with the following features:

    • Unlimited Calling – Make and receive calls from anywhere in the US at anytime
    • Free Toll-Free Number – Just like a large business, you can now publish a number and receive calls at an aggressively priced rate
    • Auto Attendant – Route calls automatically
    • Auto Call Forwarding – Forward call based on schedule and/or number of rings
    • Voicemail to Email – The messages you receive will be sent via email and you can listen to them from your computer or cell phone
    • Unlimited Virtual Faxing – You will have a separate fax number where faxes you receive will be emailed to you
    • Music on Hold – When you place a client on hold they will hear soothing music
    • Extension to Extension Calling – Facilitate internal communication and also site-to-site by simply dialing short extensions
    • Call Me Now – Someone clicking a web-based link on your website can initiate a Nextiva call
    • Conference Bridge – Supports up to 9 participants
    • Nextiva Mobile App – Make and receive calls on your office line via your smartphone & tablet (iOS & Android) or computer (macOS & Windows)
VoIP Phone

Phone calls are crucial for any business. Now we can help you unlock your potential by putting your phone system to work for you. Your customers will notice the added level of sophistication and the easy of working with you.