Malware Protection

The Threat!

Virus and Malware became a threat as folks started transferring files electronically between computers. This problem exploded with the use of email and the internet. What started out as a prank soon became a major concern as this type of malicious software was deliberately designed to cause the loss of data, remote control of computer systems, phishing of private information, credit card fraud, and identity theft. Today’s ransomware is encrypting people’s data and locks them out until they pay a ransom for it.

From a business standpoint, the concern becomes greater as we need to protect the integrity of our systems, data, and intellectual property from attack. In the course of conducting our standard business operations, we become vulnerable to attack as we exchange data with our partners, customers, and even through personal use. As we grow and add more servers, computers, and mobile devices to our infrastructure the bigger the target we become.

Your Current Solution

You likely use retail virus and malware protection software. Through our experience of helping clients like yourselves, who have used such products, we have found the following deficiencies:

    • Overly talkative, requiring too much user interaction
    • A large footprint and overlapping protection
    • One operating system solution thus ignoring to protect all of the systems in your environment
    • Only rudimentary single platform centralized management or no management at all
    • Poor licensing schema making it tough to maintain

The Best Solution (Available only through Bitdefender Partners)

Although there are many software solutions sold today that combat virus and malware, the problem is that most of those solutions are resource heavy and difficult to manage and maintain. They also overlap protection which is now built into most systems, like a firewall for example. The solution we would like to provide you with meets the following criteria:

    • Small memory footprint and light on resources
    • Cross-platform or Multi-OS compatibility and protection
    • Focused Virus and Malware protection with rapid updates of definitions
    • Centralized management of clients and licensing for ease of maintenance
    • Capable of rapid deployment
    • Affordable cost and flexible license policy
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December 2022 Evaluation of Malware Software for Business

Top 10 Malware Protection Software

Why You Should Buy Bitdefender From Us

Industry Leading Efficacy
Adaptive, layered protection against unknown advanced and zero-day threats with low false positives

    • Machine Learning
    • Real-time Process Monitoring
    • Advanced Anti-Exploit
Bitdefender Bronze Partner

Quick Time-to-Value
Fast Deployment, automatic remediation, and visibility across all your endpoints

    • Centralized Management of Security in a heterogeneous, hybrid environment
    • Singular Agent – Integrated, lightweight, customized on the fly
    • Automatic remediation with the ability to roll back malicious changes

Optimized for Modern Infrastructure
Fast and light, designed for visualization

    • Small footprint
    • Fast performance – optimized for VDI
    • Centralized Smart Scanning

$33.33 per license annually
A minimum purchase of 3 licenses is required. Discounts are available on quantities over 15